PharmaLinea announces prebiotic range in 2022 product update

Published: 21-Apr-2022

Additional delivery forms are also being added to the company's existing iron and UTI supplement lines

PharmaLinea has announced its next generation of products for 2022, which includes the launch of a range for gut health, >Your< Prebiotiq Line, as well as additions to its >Your< Iron Forte Orosticks, >Your< Iron Forte Liquid Sticks and >Your< UTI Free Orosticks lines.

“With this year’s generation of new product launches we went in two directions. Firstly, we addressed a new indication that is exceptionally large and fast-growing, yet we weren’t present in – gut health. Prebiotics have advanced significantly in recent years and we were finally able to develop a product that we are confident will bring consumers the promised benefits,” said Matevž Ambrožič, Marketing and PR Director, PharmaLinea.

The products were officially announced in a video presentation on the 13 April, and the company has created an interactive flipbook to provide further information on its updated offerings.

>Your< Prebiotiq Line products are available in two delivery formats: capsules and sachets. The capsules are designed to promote healthier microbiome composition, thus maintaining digestive regularity and comfort. The sachets promote bowel regularity in a mild and gradual manner, aiding digestion through enzymatic activity, fibre content and encouraging the growth of beneficial microflora.

The company says that while probiotics have historically been a major driver in the gut health category, prebiotics could be a better choice for some manufacturers, owing to issues with shelf-life stability, transport stability and digestive tract survival in probiotics.

“With prebiotics we are bypassing all these obstacles,” said Maja Orešnik, Science & Research Director, PharmaLinea. “Additionally, with probiotics you introduce new, foreign strains into your system without knowing your microbiome composition, whereas with prebiotics we are promoting the growth of existing beneficial microflora.”

Additional product forms are also being added to the company’s existing lines, >Your< Iron and >Your< UTI Free. The iron supplement range is now available in stick packs with liquid or orodispersible powder, while the UTI Free line is offered in the orostick format also.

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