Personalised beauty-from-within: a convergence of technology and nature

Published: 23-Nov-2020

Both beauty-from-within and clean beauty are experiencing significant growth as consumers continue to recognise the significant roles that nutrition and natural ingredients can play within the body to support healthy ageing, hair and skin health … and lasting beauty, reports Marcos Lopez, Regional Director of Business Development, USA, Monteloeder

Most consumers have embraced beauty-from-within as an important strategy to support healthy ageing and skin health. Mounting evidence points to the unmistakable connections between proper nutrition and overall health and wellness.

When we maintain a healthy lifestyle, and get the proper nutrition and functional support we need from diet and supplementation, it is reflected in our skin. Innova Market Insights included ingestible beauty in its Top Ten Trends of 2020.

Extending engagement and motivation with digital tools

In L.E.K. Consulting’s 2020 “Health & Wellness” survey, approximately 85% of respondents indicated an interest in a technology enabled personalised nutrition solution. Now, more than ever, people are engaging with at-home fitness and wellness regimens through apps, connected equipment and other devices.

They also want more personal connections and are willing to commit to long-term partnerships with brands that provide ongoing care and sincere support through their personal health journey. Brands that deliver not only quality products, but work to personalise the experience for customers can benefit from increased interest and improved customer loyalty.

Stress and sleep support essential in skin health

The current environment has led more people to experience stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, which, in turn, can also have detrimental effects on skin health. There is a recognised global trend of consumers turning to more natural, plant-based products as well as taking proactive, holistic and conscious approaches towards health and wellness.

However, although many herbs have been used effectively for thousands of years, this traditional evidence is not sufficient. There is high demand for natural and effective skin health ingredients that meet clean label requirements and are also validated by science.

There are significant opportunities for substantiated products that support skin health from within the body. Consumers are looking for ingredients that are supported by studies and have demonstrated efficacy in supporting skin health. Additionally, using digital tools designed to help reduce stress and improve sleep can help brands to differentiate even more by providing a more holistic and complete beauty and skin support programme.

Convergence of functionality and convenience

Mintel stated in its 2020 “Consumer Trends Report” that “longevity and convenience will converge, with consumers looking for well-being across everything they do.” Consumers want supplements and functional ingredients to be delivered in flexible and convenient forms.

Personalised beauty-from-within: a convergence of technology and nature

It is important to source quality ingredients that support wellness and healthy lifestyles while ensuring that they are suited for a wide variety of applications and allowing brands to deliver them in convenient forms that provide the flexibility consumers demand.

Monteloeder makes botanical extract ingredients that are designed to support healthy lifestyles and provide scientifically proven beauty-from-within benefits, all while ensuring dosage consistency and enabling versatility for many different applications and formats.

Nutroxsun and ZeroPollution are scientifically validated to protect skin and support skin health. They are ideally suited to meet consumer demands for convenience and preference in a wide variety of delivery formats, including: dairy, juices, functional teas, snacks, chocolates, shots, gummies, powders, liquid tonics, capsules, tablets, softgels and ready-to-drink products.

Tailoring solutions for individualised skincare

External agents such as pollution, UV, humidity, wind and allergens all impact the condition of the skin. Every individual has a unique skin type with different characteristics and implications regarding the capacity to adapt and respond to these influencers.

Differences in environment and geographical location can expose skin to different ageing and aggression agents and different levels. Brands are adopting strategies to strengthen the relationship with the client and learn more about their skin type, personal characteristics, environment, lifestyle and specific skin concerns.

This tailored information can help to deliver personalised solutions that make customers feel special, and thereby help to deepen customer relationships and build more loyalty.

Specialised digital tools and apps may be used in conjunction with supplementation to help consumers hone in on the skin support routine that matches their specific needs. Monteloeder is an industry pioneer in bringing the “Digital Nutraceutical” concept and solutions to market.

It delivers clinically validated botanical ingredients and connects them with digital tools specifically developed to enhance the consumer experience with more complete, personalised beauty-from-within solutions.

A positive digital influence

These personalisation tools can also help to motivate and guide daily habits that can have a positive impact on skin. Particularly useful in beauty-from-within applications, connecting with an individual’s specific lifestyle and requirements can help to identify the root causes of skin issues and provide tailored solutions.

Working to integrate “good habits” in through education and awareness, even one small step at a time may lead to more desired results.

Building digital interaction and support into a supplement brand can be a highly effective way to help track and adapt treatments for maximised outcomes and consumer satisfaction. Providing a powerful combination of personalisation and ingredients that really work helps to create lasting customer relationships.

Combining secure data monitoring and motivational techniques to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage consistent supplement adherence, Monteloeder helps brands provide tailored, personalised guidance that is correlated with ingredients that really work. In addition to the many benefits this offers to consumers, brands gain invaluable customer insights, and increased brand loyalty.

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