OptiBiotix gains FDA approval and moves into US with new improved weight loss product

Published: 26-Sep-2017

After receiving FDA registration for its improved version microbiome modulating weight loss product, Slimbiome and its cholesterol-reduction product, LP-LDL, OptiBiotix is launching in the US

The launch, which is being held at the Supply Side West event, (Las Vegas, 25-29 September) where OptiBiotix will be exhibiting alongside its potential US joint development partner, Cereal Ingredients.

Cereal Ingredients, a privately-held specialty ingredients manufacturer, is looking to incorporate Slimbiome into its range of cereal-based particulates and ingredients, which are aimed at the nutraceutical, health and well-being sectors.

Slimbiome is a unique combination of clinically proven ingredients backed by thousands of human studies, formulated by experts to support healthy weight management and weight loss.

It promotes the feeling of fullness, helps burn calories by promoting a healthy metabolism, maintains blood sugar levels to reduce food cravings and overeating, and improves microbiome diversity.

Slimbiome has the potential to be used as an ingredient in dietary supplements and in other over the counter (OTC) weight loss applications.

The improved version of Slimbiome being launched at Supply Side West has been developed by Optibiotix using advanced processing technology.

The new formulation is a single, homogenous product, making it less likely that components will separate in transit, as well as improving the overall consistency of the product. The product has also been made more soluble to enhance its flavour and improve mouthfeel.

Optibiotix’s CEO, Stephen O’Hara, said: “Our launch into the US is a very exciting step for Optibiotix. We are particularly pleased to be exhibiting at Supply Side West alongside our potential US partner, Cereal Ingredients.

“We are delighted with consumer feedback with customers using GoFigure products containing SlimBiome reporting reduced hunger, less snacking and easier weight loss of on average 2-3 lbs per week. Hunger free dieting is now a consumer option and we hope our meetings at Supply Side West will lead to a wider range of products containing this unique formulation to support consumer choice.”

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