OptiBiotix chooses Japanese LPLDL distributor

Published: 27-Feb-2019

Osaka-based EIWA has been selected to make the blood pressure probiotic available to the Japanese food and nutrition market for the first time

EIWA Trading Corporation has finalised an agreement with OptiBiotix Health to distribute its cholesterol and blood pressure reducing probiotic ingredient, Lactobacillus plantarum LPLDL. The exclusive deal, made through OptiBiotix’s fully owned subsidiary, ProBiotix Health, will make the probiotic available to the Japanese food and nutrition market for the first time.

Osaka-based functional ingredient distributor, EIWA, will have the exclusive rights to import, market and distribute LPLDL, over a period of three years, for use as a food and dairy ingredient.

Asia-Pacific is the main market for probiotics, with Japan accounting for 45% of demand. With further growth forecasted, in both food and dairy applications in the next five years.

Commenting on the agreement, Stephen O’Hara, OptiBiotix Health CEO, said: “This deal provides OptiBiotix market access in Japan, the main national market for probiotics within the largest region for probiotics in the world. We have chosen EIWA as they are a well-known and respected provider of probiotics to the Japanese food, dairy and supplement industries, creating the potential to extend the use of LPLDL beyond supplements in a major international market.

This announcement follows a similar appointment for the Baltic region, as LPLDL expands its presence across the continents.

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