Nutrafol gets to the root of hair health with product introduction

Published: 23-Jun-2015

Nutraceutical Wellness was established with the mission of bringing products to market that are safe, efficacious and solve hair issues using a fully integrative approach

Nutraceutical Wellness has announced the official launch of the company, a first of its kind wellness brand dedicated completely to helping consumers achieve healthy hair, using clinically proven ingredients.

Founders Giorgos Tsetis, a fashion model and engineer, and Roland Peralta, a beauty and fashion executive, suffered from hair loss and sought integrative and holistic solutions. They assembled a team of in-house scientists and researchers across the areas of dermatology and antiageing science as well as immunology to identify and treat the various environmental, hormonal and biological causes of hair loss.

'As we encountered our own personal struggles with hair loss and the side-effects of current ineffective treatments, Roland and I became motivated to find a better, healthier solution for hair loss that addresses it from a preventive approach rather than just treating the symptoms,' stated Mr Tsetis.

'We enlisted a fantastic team of doctors and researchers to confirm that there were additional key factors at the root of declining hair health that were not quite understood and consequently not being considered in the way hair health issues are treated,' added Mr Peralta. 'This enabled us to reverse engineer our formulation with next-generation ingredients only made possible by recent breakthroughs in biotechnology.'

The result of this work is NUTRAFOL, an advanced daily supplement designed to combat heredity, stress and other root causes of hair loss by strengthening and protecting hair, while also promoting overall hair growth.

Now available to consumers, NUTRAFOL is scientifically proven to help effectively target the underlying causes of thinning hair, encourage existing hair growth and reduce the cycle of inflammation that leads to hair loss. Currently, there are more than 10 human clinical studies proving the efficacy of NUTRAFOL's active ingredients.

'With the launch of our first products under the NUTRAFOL brand, we are excited that our clinical work has resulted in a solution for hair loss that men and women can feel good about taking,' stated Mr Peralta. 'We are proud of our scientists and the years of research that went into our scientifically advanced hair growth solution. We formulated Nutrafol with nutraceuticals that are clinically proven to be effective in human clinical trials.'

NUTRAFOL comes in a men's formulation and a women's formulation. NUTRAFOL is available online at and at select dermatologists and hair salons.

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