Taiyo: functional solutions for better health

Published: 7-Sep-2016

Taiyo presents its comprehensive portfolio of ingredients for improved nutritional profiles at HiE

At this year’s Hi Europe, global operator Taiyo GmbH will showcase its wide range of health ingredients.

A particular highlight is Sunfiber, an all-natural, soluble dietary fibre and one of only five ingredients to receive 'True-Fiber' status from the US FDA.

Rich in fiber, Sunfiber exhibits excellent pH, heat and freeze-thaw stability, and is an ideal ingredient to support a healthy lifestyle.

Visitors to Taiyo’s booth will also be able to experience a wide range of versatile, naturally derived ingredients that offer both excellent taste and health-boosting properties. Bursting with a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres, the products can be used to enrich a number of foods, beverages, medical and pharmaceutical formulations.

Sunfiber improves functionality in foods, beverages, supplements and ready-to-drink applications. As it’s totally tasteless, odorless and completely soluble in water, Sunfiber has no visible effect on the end product but significantly boosts its health benefits.

It is clinically proven to lower the glycaemic index, improve mineral absorption, maintain digestive health and is even able to reduce postprandial-blood sugar peaks in healthy as well as glucose-intolerant people.

Sunfiber is available in different qualities, depending on the desired application and claims, including three new organic varieties.

As a pioneer in the research and manufacture of functional ingredients, Taiyo keeps a keen eye on current market developments and the growing consumer interest in natural ingredients. Whether it’s dietary fibre, tea or superfruit extracts, or highly bioavailable iron and zinc fortification agents, Taiyo’s versatile portfolio helps manufacturers to develop innovative products with a health and wellness positioning.

Hi Europe provides the perfect environment to discover Taiyo's comprehensive portfolio of functional ingredients. 'We can tailor our ingredients for a wide range of purposes, applications and formulations to meet individual requirements,' says Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo.

'Our ability to create holistic product concepts brings healthy food and beverages to life that appeal to both our customers and end consumers alike. We are looking forward to discussing Taiyo’s entire product and service portfolio with visitors from all over the world,' he added.

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