Solabia integrates Algatech’s portfolio of microalgae-derived nutrients into its product line

Published: 3-Aug-2020

A year after acquiring Algatechnologies, in May 2019, Solabia, will promote its nutrition offer under the name of Solabia-Algatech Nutrition

“Combining the expertise of the two companies will give customers in the nutrition industries a much broader support base,” says Geoffroy Madelin, board member of Solabia.

Adds Doron Safrai, CEO of Solabia-Algatech Nutrition: “We are excited about the new branding, which is an important milestone in the integration and synergy of the two companies, and pleased that we can now offer a larger variety of products supporting health and well-being to all of our customers worldwide.”

As part of the integration, the two companies’ process of rebranding includes adding Algatech’s name to the Solabia logo to preserve the look and feel of Solabia group whilst emphasising Algatech’s position as a unique and reputable player in the dietary and supplement markets.

Solabia Algatech Nutrition's portfolio includes unique nutraceutical products, such as the patented prebiotic compound Bioecolians, a brown algae nutritional complex Nutralga, a range of specialised minerals salts and microalgae-sourced ingredients, AstaPure natural astaxanthin, FucoVital-Fucoxanthin that targets liver health, glucose and triglycerides management, and Alganea Nannochloropsis used in aquaculture.

Algatech is a leading biotech company, active in the nutraceuticals sector with sales in more than 35 countries.

The Israeli company is a microalgae powerhouse specialising in microalgae cultivation and processing. Algatech owns one of the world’s largest photobioreactor facilities.

Solabia is a major supplier of active ingredients in the cosmetics, pharmacy, nutrition, biotechnology and microbiological diagnosis areas; with its eight production units the Solabia, has complementary expertise that enables it to offer an extensive range of active principles and ingredients used throughout the world by the cosmetics, nutraceutics, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The acquisition of Algatech allows the group to reinforce the nutrition segment and to enlarge the cosmetic offer with microalgae-based ingredients.

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