Roquette offers Pearlitol SF-W wheat-free mannitol brochure to download

Published: 25-Feb-2020

The document, PEARLITOL SW-F (wheat-free) mannitol for gluten-free nutraceutical dosage forms, is free for all readers

Roquette’s spray-dried PEARLITOL SD mannitol grades, particularly 200SD, are trusted, multifunctional filler/ binder/diluent excipients, providing nutraceutical supplement companies with an efficient direct compression tableting process. The key reasons companies choose PEARLITOL SD grades, particularly for chewable and oral disintegrating tablets (ODT) are excellent flow and compressibility, to name a few.

Roquette now offers more choices in its range of PEARLITOL SD grades by introducing wheat-free grades with comparable direct compression performance. New benefits are the result!

Discover more by downloading a copy of the brochure here.

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