Research says prunes gaining popularity for immune health

Published: 3-Nov-2020

The Innova Consumer Survey 2020 reveals one in three consumers say that concerns about immune health increased this year over 2019

The California Prune Board is highlighting the key role it says the dried fruit can play in maintaining a normal immune system.

Kevin Verbruggen, the California Prune Board’s European Marketing Director, believes shoppers are choosing natural, nutritious foods as a way to support their overall health, partly spurred on by the pandemic. This trend has reportedly led to a renaissance in the popularity of prunes, boosted by their nutritional profile and versatility.

Kevin said: “According to recent research from Mintel, more than two thirds of British consumers are looking for nutrients that will support their immune system. As a source of key nutrients like Vitamin B6 and copper, both of which can help keep our immune systems in good working order, California Prunes are gaining in popularity as both a snack and an ingredient.”

The board says dried fruits have a similar nutrient content to the corresponding fresh varieties yet can be stored for much longer. The shelf-stable nature of prunes has therefore further contributed to their renewed appeal, particularly in light of fears around supply chain disruption, it contends.

Kevin added: “As prunes can be safely stored in the cupboard for up to a year, they’re attractive to consumers, even more so because they are so versatile in use.

“With winter just weeks away, we are expecting buoyant sales to continue as shoppers look for natural foods that will help maintain their immune systems. Eating a handful of prunes is a simple and tasty way to achieve one of the recommended five-a-day and is certainly an easy place to start for those looking to improve their overall lifestyle.”

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