PureCircle produces first stevia antioxidant for food and beverages


PureCircle has developed the first commercially viable stevia antioxidant product providing food and beverage companies new access to health and wellness ingredients for their consumers

Stevia plant

PureCircle is a producer and innovator of great tasting stevia sweeteners and flavours for the global beverage and food industry.

While researchers have known antioxidants are present in stevia plants. PureCircle is the first company to be able to extract them from the stevia leaf for use in food and beverage products.

PureCircle has created a unique process for extracting and purifying this plant based antioxidant ingredient on a global scale.

The company’s antioxidant product has a clean taste profile with a hint of sweetness.

PureCircle is currently sampling the new product with customers with full roll-out expected after anticipated US regulatory approval in 2018.

Experts believe antioxidants help inhibit and slow down the damage caused by free radicals in the body.

This new stevia antioxidant will extend PureCircle’s portfolio beyond its innovative flavour modifiers and great tasting sweeteners.

This product enables PureCircle to broaden its offerings, providing customers with a spectrum of plant based stevia ingredients.

Faith Son, Vice President of Marketing & Innovation, said: “Stevia as an antioxidant will further support beverage and food companies in providing its customers with health benefits and great tasting products containing compounds commonly found in ‘superfoods’ such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains.

"Although it has been known that stevia plants contain antioxidants, the ability to extract is a major commercial advance.”

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