Progressive Laboratories introduces NitroGenesis Pro with new Setria Performance Blend

Progressive Laboratories is one of the first supplement companies to use a patent-pending blend of L-Citrulline and glutathione to enhance production of nitric oxide (NO)

NitroGenesis Pro™

NitroGenesis Pro™ is made with Kyowa’s Setria® Performance Blend, a combination that studies have shown to produce NO twice as effectively and sustains NO blood levels twice as long as comparable doses of L-Arginine or L-Citrulline.

Nitric oxide is important for proper functioning of the body’s circulatory system, plus removal of ammonia and lactate. Keeping NO levels at optimal levels can diminish fatigue, support immune health and provide antioxidant protection.

NitroGenesis Pro™ leverages Setria® Performance Blend to support healthy circulation and oxygen delivery to working muscles. It is designed to help protect muscles from oxidation and moderate lactate dehydrogenase activity during intense exercise.

Kyowa’s L-Citrulline and Setria® Glutathione work in concern to help delay the onset of muscle fatigue, maintain acid-base balance, promote aerobic energy production in muscle cells.

Because L-Citrulline is not readily available through proteins, taking NitroGenesis Pro™ is a good way to ensure levels of this unique amino acid stay where they need to be.

Setria® is a well-studied and unique form of L-Glutathione that is stable when exposed to stomach acid for enhanced absorption. It provides intracellular antioxidant support, benefits cellular detoxification, and supports a healthy immune response.

Glutathione helps protect the body’s cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. Setria® Glutathione is made through a patented fermentation process and is patent-pending for increasing natural killer (NK) cell activity.

It is pure, vegetarian, and allergen-free. NitroGenesis Pro™ comes in an easy-to-use, naturally flavored and sweetened powder beverage mix.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women and people taking nitrates for heart disease, blood pressure medications or ED drugs should not use NitroGenesis Pro™, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. Progressive Labs recommends talking to your doctor before taking NitroGenesis Pro™.