Karma Energy Water featuring Cognizin citicoline at Natural Products Expo West

Published: 21-Feb-2024

The novel energy drink will be available to sample in three natural flavours

Attendees of Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA, will have the opportunity to sample Karma Energy Water, a new product from Karma Water that features a blend of caffeine and Cognition Citicoline.

“Consumers are looking for energy and mental clarity without the crash that comes from traditional energy drinks,” said Maria Stanieich, Kyowa Hakko’s USA Marketing Manager.

“Cognizin, a clinically tested form of citicoline, offers those benefits, and we’re excited for the attendees of Natural Products Expo West to experience them firsthand. After all, what do trade show attendees need more than energy and focus to power through three days of networking?”

Karma Water is known for its push cap that stores active ingredients in an airtight chamber until the consumer is ready to drink. This ensures peak potency and optimal health benefits. 

At the show, the company will showcase its latest product, Karma Energy Water, alongside its established Karma Probiotic Water.

Karma Energy Water contains a blend of 150mg of natural caffeine, 250mg of Cognizin, and nine essential vitamins — all without any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Available in three natural flavours — Raspberry Peach, Blueberry Watermelon, and Melon Dragonfruit — Karma Water can be found in major retailers nationwide. 

Karma also has eco-friendly hydration kits available on its website. The personalised kits deliver PushCap refills for a reusable bottle on a one-time or subscription basis in customers’ selected functions and flavours.

“Karma Energy Water is a health-conscious, functional beverage designed to provide the push of energy and mental sharpness you need to get through the day.” Karma CEO CJ Rapp said.

Beverage brands attending Natural Products Expo West can visit Kyowa Hakko USA’s booth (4127) to learn more about Cognizin. 

Karma Energy Water will be available to sample at Kyowa and Karma Water’s booths (1677).

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