Probiotic DE111 approved as non-Novel Food by Health Canada


Deerland Enzymes & Probiotics has announced that its proprietary branded probiotic strain Bacillus subtilis DE111 has been granted non-Novel Food ingredient status in Canada

A letter of non-objection has been received from Health Canada, confirming that DE111 is not considered a Novel Food and may be sold as a food ingredient without the need for premarket notification.

According to Dr John Deaton, Vice President of Science and Technology at Deerland, the new non-Novel Food status is an important attribute, considering DE111’s ability to remain viable under a wide range of temperature and pH, making it ideal for inclusion in a variety of popular foods and beverages.

“Supermarket aisles are blooming with foods and beverages with labels proclaiming ‘probiotics’ on them because consumers are demanding beneficial bacteria as they link good digestive and immune health to probiotics,” Deaton said.

"We believe that if consumers had a choice between two of the same products but one has added probiotics, that’s the one that will be placed in the shopping cart.”

Besides the new non-Novel Food status, DE111 additionally has approval for supplement use by Health Canada, which has issued a Natural Product Number for the ingredient.

Further, DE111 is Star-K Kosher certified and non-GMO Project verified.

DE111 has been shown to control bacteria populations in the gut, ensuring a healthy colony of friendly flora while minimising pathogenic bacteria.

A clinical study has also shown DE111 may improve occasional constipation and diarrhoea in healthy individuals. A unique benefit of DE111 is its ability to improve body composition and indices of athletic performance, as shown in another study.

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Deaton added: “DE111 has been shown scientifically to be a flexible health ingredient – with wide ranging food and beverage applications that can be aimed at improving digestion, bolstering immunity and overall well-being, and improving athletic conditioning, performance and desirable body composition.”