Polyphenols: a new grade of Oxxynea with clinical study and proven bioavailability

Published: 19-Oct-2018

Fytexia extends it range of polyphenol concentrates with a new grade of Oxxynea supplying clinically proven bioavailability and demonstrated efficacy in countering oxidative-stress in vivo

Fytexia will be launching Oxxynea 5-a-day, designed for food applications, at SupplySide West in November. It is supported with scientifically demonstrated benefits, with yet unrevealed results on bioavailability and efficacy in defending the organism against the damage of oxidative stress in ‘real-world’ human conditions.

Oxxynea 5-a-day delivers a representative fingerprint of bioactive polyphenols capturing the main sub-families of phenolic compounds (flavan-3-ols, secoiridoids, ellagitannins and flavanones). Together, the natural components of Oxxynea act synergistically to fulfil the 5-a-day recommendation of servings of fruit and vegetables, based on the most stringent data from recognised organisations and databases.

Fytexia reinforces knowledge of the benefits of polyphenols with a new study conducted in a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled crossover protocol on subjects consuming a high fat meal as a model of event-generating oxidative stress. Bioavailability of Oxxynea was evaluated by analysing metabolites of the polyphenols. Results confirmed that a wide variety of polyphenols play a biological role in the whole-day protection of the organism: polyphenols from all the families being identified in the urine of the subjects.

Analyses of the total antioxidant defenses in the plasma during the post-prandial period showed an increase in antioxidant defense and reserve capacity: the supplemented group had the capacity to defend against free radical attacks and to maintain antioxidant reserves.

Oxxynea 5-a-day is recommended at a dosage of 450 mg/day to equate to five servings of fruit and vegetables, but can also be divided into 90-mg portions, each equaling 1 serving of fruit and vegetables, both in terms of polyphenol content and antioxidant capacity.

Prior grades of Oxxynea (Oxxynea FP and Oxxynea WS) remain available.

Polyphenols: a new grade of Oxxynea with clinical study and proven bioavailability

Through the Oxxynea product range, Fytexia also offers opportunities to create customised formulations through the “custom pathway program”, selecting polyphenol sources and combining them to build tailor-made recipes, answering the specifications of formulators in search of natural sources of antioxidants to reinforce their products with polyphenols.

Additional new science will be displayed at SupplySide West as Fytexia will present DNF- 10, a food-based ingredient from Saccharomyces cerevisiae supported by four published clinical trials to reduce body weight through a regulation of the mediators of satiety. This new ingredient completes the company’s range of clinically proven solutions for weight management, lead by the flagship ingredient Sinetrol.

Fytexia will be exhibiting at SupplySide West 8-9 November at booth #4251.

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