Pharmactive saffron extract works with antidepressants

Published: 19-Nov-2019

The extract has been shown to reduce depression as well as alleviate some side effects of the pharmaceutical

Pharmactive Biotech Products has demonstrated that its all-natural, non-GMO Spanish saffron extract (Crocus sativus L.), Affron, was well tolerated when administrated with antidepressant drugs and effectively reduced depression in adults with persistent depressive symptoms.

Approximately one in five people experience depression throughout their life, and currently, it is estimated that one in 10 people experience depression. Depression is associated with an increased risk of medical illness, a higher risk of suicide‎ and reduced quality of life.

In a recent, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical study (the gold-standard study design), the Madrid-based company's premium quality saffron extract demonstrated strong clinical evidence, compared to a placebo, in significantly reducing depressive symptoms in adults. The study, led by Adrian Lopresti, PhD, et al., was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. Volunteers in the study consisted of adults currently taking pharmaceutical antidepressants but continued to suffer from mild-to-moderate depression.

After eight weeks of supplementation with Affron, depressive symptoms were significantly decreased by 41% compared to the placebo group (21% reduction) (p=0.001). Affron was well-tolerated and study participants reported a high satisfaction with supplement intake (over 70% of participants said they would likely continue to take Affron after the study).

The results suggested Affron supplementation may reduce some of the side effects from antidepressants

"These results strongly suggest that Affron could be safely used with pharmaceutical antidepressants in adults continuing to experience mild-to-moderate depressive symptoms," says Alberto Espinel, Head of R&D at Pharmactive. "Additionally, the results suggested Affron supplementation may reduce some of the side effects from antidepressants."

Previous clinical research has also shown Affron, an all-natural saffron extract, helps support mood, helps with relaxation, relieves stress and tension, and improves sleep quality in healthy individuals. It is also the only saffron extract clinically studied to lower anxiety and reducing stress in adolescents.

As saffron is the most expensive botanical in the world, counterfeiting is common. Pharmactive grows and cultivates the saffron in its own fields in Castilla-La-Mancha in Spain and utilises a complete set of QC analyses with full traceability to guarantee the purest extract from the most trusted sources of saffron. Affron is standardised to Lepticrosalides, a complex of bioactive compounds responsible for the beneficial and organoleptic attributes of Affron.

The proprietary-patented extraction process allows Affron to be effectively used at 28 mg/day. This is the lowest therapeutic dose available on the market.

Affron is water-soluble and can be readily used in foods or supplements. It is kosher and halal certified, non-GMO, non-irradiated, and has a three-year shelf-life.

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