One-of-a-kind salmon oil OmeGo offers superior anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic benefits

Published: 8-Aug-2022

New research has cemented Hofseth BioCare’s OmeGo as the only commercially available fish oil that delivers all the nutritional benefits of consuming whole salmon, including unique anti-allergenic benefits of a newly identified lipopeptide

The study, published by Wiley, found OmeGo to have superior anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to traditional fish oil supplementation, including cod liver oil/omega-3 oil, which is consistent with prior research, as well as enhanced effectiveness over krill oil.

Based on two animal models of eosinophilic inflammation, the research found that unlike traditional fish oils, the gentle enzymatic liberation of OmeGo avoids damage to the various polyunsaturated fatty acid elements. It thereby retains the significant anti-inflammatory effects associated with the consumption of fresh fish.

The findings also affirmed the presence and anti-allergenic properties of a lipopeptide, not found in other oils. When combined with previous studies, this latest discovery underlines OmeGo’s position as a one-of-a-kind salmon oil, offering a broad profile of health benefits beyond omega-3, including better lung, cardiovascular, joint and cognitive function.

OmeGo’s unmatched potency, unrivalled health benefits and fjord-to-shore sourcing present ground-breaking opportunities for nutraceutical manufacturers looking to disrupt the market.

“Consumers are increasingly seeking out natural, sustainable, traceable, and most importantly effective nutritional supplements and OmeGo ticks all of these boxes,” said Dr Crawford Currie, Head of Medical R&D at Hofseth BioCare.

“At Hofseth BioCare, our sole aim is to capture the complete nutritional value of Norwegian Atlantic salmon, in the most natural way. OmeGo is as close as consumers can possibly get to eating whole fresh fish and deriving all the health benefits that we see in populations with fish-dominant diets.

“Further studies into OmeGo’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties are in the pipeline and we look forward to unlocking the full potential of this pure and proven ingredient.”

A global leader in marine lipid and peptide research, Hofseth BioCare uses patent-protected hydrolysis technology to convert fresh sashimi-grade salmon by-products into nutritional ingredients for the enhancement of human health.

The publication of the study further builds on the profile of underutilised salmon off-cuts as a sustainable, zero-waste resource for optimal nutritional performance.

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