Nutriventia turmeric extract eases delayed muscle soreness

Published: 11-May-2022

Recent research has reportedly demonstrated the ingredient's beneficial effects on DOMS

Nutriventia, a subsidiary of Inventia, has shared the results of a randomised, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial on its TurmXTRA turmeric extract.

The trial evaluated the effect of a 250 mg dose of the extract on delayed onset muscle soreness, demonstrating statistically significant results vs placebo in both the primary endpoint of pain, as measured by visual analog scale (VAS), and biomarker data.

The DOMS study is the second trial for the extract at a 250 mg dose to demonstrate statistically significant results in a healthy population, the company says. A previous trial reportedly determined joint comfort at the same low dose in a middle-aged, healthy population.1 As well as its bioequivalence to a standard turmeric extract, these studies demonstrated the ingredient’s efficacy at a low 250 mg dose.2

The continued research is aimed at building a comprehensive clinical package and Developing the science around turmeric, thereby providing more useful information to consumers.

The water-dispersibility, free-flowing nature and low dosage of the extract enables its formulation in various delivery options: shots, gummies and either smaller or fewer capsules or tablets.



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