NuLiv Science debuts fungus sleep ingredient

Published: 20-Sep-2019

The US company has also received GRAS status for another ingredient

Ingredients supplier NuLiv Science has debuted its branded ingredient for sleep quality & mental wellness, Zylaria. The ingredient is developed from Xylaria nigripes, which belongs to a specific sub-genus of Xylaria that is exclusively found deep down in the dirt within the nest of the Odontotermes formosanus termite.

Xylaria nigripes contains high levels of an amino acid called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. GABA has been shown, in human clinical studies, to help regulate, support and promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

"It's time to re-think sleep quality and mental wellness," said Josh Beaty, marketing director. "That's the direction we're going with our awareness campaign. We'd love to break through the stigma around mental health and the challenges that come with that like stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, and more. A restless mind is like a thief-in-the-night and we want to be part of the solution in providing an ingredient for brands to formulate with that addresses this ever-growing challenge among consumers".

70% of Americans, at least once a month, are not getting enough sleep to refresh them for the next day. A very unfortunate 11% of the population experiencing insufficient sleep every single night. It's a real problem, one so large, that the CDC has declared the problem of insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.

"Sleep quality affects so many areas of our lives and we're committed to providing solutions with Zylaria to help support the vital benefits of deep sleep", said Beaty.

NuLiv Science specialises in the research and development of proprietary and clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients via traditional and scientific processes. Since 1997, the company has served industry sourcing and research needs with an emphasis on quality, efficacy, and dependable supply chain.

Company developments

Another of NuLiv Science's ingredients, InnoSlim, has received GRAS status this month. The announcement comes as NuLiv Science, the proponent of the GRAS conclusion, engaged AIBMR Life Sciences to convene a panel of experts (GRAS Panel) who are qualified by training and experience to evaluate the safety of food ingredients for the purpose of evaluating whether the available scientific data, information, and methods establish that Innoslim is safe under its intended conditions of use in food.

"This has been a lengthy process as the road to GRAS has become considerably more difficult as well as time and resource-intensive. We are grateful to offer another ingredient to the industry that is independently reviewed and vetted," said Richard Wang, President of NuLiv Science.

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