Novel Food certification for Astalif natural Astaxanthin

Published: 11-May-2017

Certification goes to Algalif, Icelandic producer of natural astaxanthin from microalgae

Astalif Astaxanthin has received Novel Food approval from the European Commission as a food supplement ingredient, confirming the consumer safety of the product for the European market.

After extensive evaluation, the European Commission and The Food Safety Authority of Iceland certified that Astalif meets or exceeds all requirements for an ingredient in food supplements, in a manner that is consistent with the current uses and use levels of astaxanthin-rich oleoresins from Haematococcus pluvialis. The ingredient is approved for commercial availability.

“The Novel Food certification comes on the heels of gaining cGMP status for our world-class production facility,” said Andrew Jacobson, CEO of Algalif.

“This certification marks a significant milestone for Algalif and represents an important step in our steadfast commitment to quality and purity.”

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