MGCPQQ helps young people’s brain health in age-stratified study

Published: 15-May-2023

The study has shown support for Mitsubishi Gas Chemical's supplement compound that is the only mitochondria-enhancing ingredient to be listed as a Novel Food in the EU that targets a range of cognitive functions within younger generations

A new study conducted by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) reveals the safe, all-natural supplement compound MGCPQQ can aid with improving brain function and cognition in younger adults and help to boost cognitive flexibility, processing speed, and execution speed. 

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, MGC investigated the effects of pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt (PQQ) on cognitive function in adults aged 20 and 65 years using its own MGCPQQ ingredient, which is manufactured in Japan through a proprietary fermentation process. Participants were administered 20 mg of MGCPQQ for 12 weeks, and after that period of time, each one showed improvements in composite and verbal memory. 

However, to better analyse the impacts of the ingredient upon different age groups, an age-stratified analysis was performed. Younger adults (aged 20-40 years) demonstrated improvements in a range of cognitive function after 8 weeks while older adults (aged 41-65) showed enhancements in complex and verbal memory after 12 weeks. 

We’re excited about the recent study results and MGCPQQ’s ability to help improve brain function and cognition in people of all ages

MGCPQQ which is still the only PQQ to be successfully evaluated for its safety and quality by the European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) and appears on the European Union’s approved list of Novel Foods Ingredients, remains the most researched and studied ingredient of its kind globally. For that reason, it is the only PQQ legally allowed to be sold in the EU.

“We’re excited about the recent study results and MGCPQQ’s ability to help improve brain function and cognition in people of all ages, including the younger generations,” said Shoji Matsukawa, vice president of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America. “MGCPQQ has been validated through nearly 40 years of scientific research and peer-reviewed literature and remains the most studied and tested compound of its kind on the market. As younger consumers look for natural supplements that are proven to create healthy mitochondria, it is important the ingredients have been thoroughly vetted and studied.” 

Research over the years has revealed MGCPQQ can help stimulate mitochondria and support nerve growth factor, leading to positive effects on stress, fatigue, sleep and vigour. Its functions have been fully characterised and widely tested in approximately hundreds of animal and human studies over the course of four decades. 

In previous studies, MGCPQQ has been proven to improve brain function and cognition in older adults (45 and above); however, this new study reveals that the mitochondrial boosting ingredient can help improve cognitive performance for younger adults, highlighting the benefits of incorporating a natural supplement ingredient early on in life.

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