Kirkman adds a powerful enzyme product to its line of microbiome products

Published: 22-Jan-2017

Kirkman nutraceutical company has added another product to its new line of microbiome supporting products

Microbiome Broad Spectrum Enzyme w/DPP-IV is a proprietary formulation that provides broad-spectrum enzymatic activity to support microbiome health.

Researchers' interest in the microbiome was, in large part, prompted by results of the Human Genome Project, a 13-year, $2.7 billion initiative to map the human genome.

In 2008, when the Human Genome Project was completed, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) launched the Human Microbiome Project with the goal of identifying and characterising the micro-organisms that are found in association with both healthy and unhealthy humans.

Much of the current research regarding the "microbiome" is centred on the gut, where the vast majority of microbes reside. The gut is an important source of tributaries to other parts of the body that control our health, such as our immune system and our central nervous system.

When the gut is healthy with beneficial microbiota, the immune system is strengthened so that it can fight off pathogenic micro-organisms before they develop into illness or serious health conditions.

Scientists also know that chemicals produced by gut microbiota communicate with the central nervous system and may affect cognitive functions, but exactly to what extent is still unclear to researchers. What most scientists agree on is that the proper microbial symbiosis is required for good health.

Microbiome Broad Spectrum Enzyme w/DPP-IV helps to maintain this proper balance by supporting digestive activity for a full range of foods. It provides a comprehensive "foundation" of supplemental enzymes to support optimal digestion. Each enzyme works independently, but also in a complementary role to optimally impact digestion of dietary components.

In situations when undigested protein fragments are left in the gut, a healthy microbiome can become unhealthy. Individuals particularly sensitive to these undigested protein fragments can experience very negative responses that often manifest themselves as pain or discomfort. DPP-IV can support the digestion of these undigested protein fragments and help prevent these undesirable reactions.

A unique blend of 17 pure, plant-based enzymes that are recognised as essential for the effective digestion of all food groups, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, sugars and fiber under a wide range of pH conditions are included in this formulation.

The addition of the dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPPIV) enzyme analogue supports the ability of the body to degrade peptides formed from exposure to casein and gluten.

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