Kerry releases dairy and plant protein eBook

Published: 16-Jul-2021

'Reinventing foods and beverages with innovative protein technologies' contains several real-life examples of companies reformulating products using plant and dairy technologies

Kerry, a taste and nutrition company, has released an eBook titled ‘Reinventing foods and beverages with innovative protein technologies,’ designed to help product developers meet emerging market opportunities in the plant and dairy protein space.

Consumers are seeking more diversity, indulgence and nutrition from food and beverages, the company says. The advent of COVID-19 in 2020 reportedly accelerated the consumer search for food and beverages that are not only healthy but sustainable. Plant and dairy protein ingredients can address consumer interests by delivering functionality along with permissible indulgence.

The eBook contains real-life examples of the company partnering with customers to reformulate food and beverages using plant and dairy technologies and ingredients. It discusses the opportunities available to product developers through three potential themes: added functionality, permissible indulgence and “fill-the-gap,” or improving the nutritional profile of plant-based products to match animal equivalence.

The book contains customer case studies in which plant and dairy protein solutions were applied to achieve product advances under each theme. These include vegan protein waters, foodservice plant protein latte coffees, vegan sugar confectionery, protein-enriched ice cream, plant-based milks, and a plant-based Bolognese sauce.

Conor Power, Business Development Director Proteins, said: “Many consumers have increased their consumption of food and beverages fortified with protein. Satisfying the health-conscious consumer is a growing opportunity for manufacturers. In this eBook, Kerry shares case studies that show how food and beverage manufacturers can drive innovation with plant and dairy proteins and leverage the most recent science and processing advances to include exciting new functional and nutritional benefits in their foods and beverages. These new protein technologies allow our customers to compete more effectively in new emerging markets where consumers are searching for products that are not only good for you but are also sustainable.”

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