Kerry launches second-generation extracts for low alcohol drinks

Published: 8-Nov-2021

The range of possible distillates in the range includes passionfruit, rosebud, elderflower, black pepper, cumin and coffee

Kerry, a taste and nutrition company, has introduced its Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0, a range of extracts designed specifically for the growing global market of low- and no-alcohol beverage markets. The 2.0 launch expands on the company’s first-generation Collection ZERO range, announced in 2020.

This portfolio of tastes enables drink manufacturers to use a “0.0%” alcohol claim. The range is designed to prioritise stability, with no haze, no sedimentation, and a complex botanical taste and mouthfeel.

The range of possible distillates in the range includes passionfruit, rosebud, elderflower, black pepper, cumin and coffee. The company’s proprietary extraction and distillation processing technology enables preservative-free extracts.

The company can also produce what it calls “fusion distillates” based on its proprietary process to blend natural botanicals (leaves, flowers, seeds, etc.), and then magnify taste by running a distillate following a period of slow maturation. This produces tailored extracts or blends that can be made to order to suit specific local and regional tastes and other requirements, the company claims.

Francis De Campos Ferreira, Global Taste Portfolio Director for Selected Extracts at Kerry, said: “Taste is extremely important to all consumers of low- and no-alcohol beverages. Our exciting second-generation Kerry Botanicals Collection ZERO 2.0 range delivers not only the fresh notes from the first generation but also now more complex flavours that remind us of those found in traditional alcoholic beverages. Another important consumer concern is that these types of drinks be naturally sourced, so it’s important to note that the ZERO 2.0 product range is created using all-natural, sustainable botanical sources.

“There is a rapidly growing global trend to moderate and control alcohol intake, and consumers are seeking authentic-tasting beverage options that address this desire. This has resulted in enormous growth in the global market for these kinds of beverages that is expected to continue for years. Producers able to offer tasty and healthier upscale beverage choices will see a significant and growing market opportunity in the years to come.”

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