Kemin's Vitafood 2023 preview

Published: 19-Apr-2023

Vitafoods Europe attendees who visit the Kemin Human Nutrition and Health at booth #I101 can learn more about Kemin’s innovative solutions

Kemin Industries will be exhibiting at Vitafoods Europe 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday, May 9, through Wednesday, May 11. Attendees of the nutraceutical industry trade show can visit Kemin Human Nutrition and Health at booth #I101 to learn about the latest health-forward functional ingredients. 

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s science-backed ingredients support a range of whole-body solutions, including vision, cognition, immune and gut health, beauty from within, sleep, oral care and weight management.

“The Kemin team is excited to meet in Geneva with prospective and current customers to discuss our latest innovations in healthy solutions,” said Pedro Vieira, Vice President – EMEA, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. “One ingredient we are highlighting is BetaVia, our algae-sourced beta glucan postbiotic with demonstrated immune and gut-promoting benefits derived from its triple-action mechanism: priming key immune cells, protecting intestinal barrier integrity and shaping the microbiome.”

Vitafoods Europe attendees who visit the Kemin Human Nutrition and Health at booth #I101 can learn more about Kemin’s innovative solutions, including:

  • BetaVia – an algae-sourced, postbiotic beta glucan, this next-generation immune and gut health solution provides the dietary support needed in Western diets.
  • DailyZz – a natural, proprietary, botanical blend of spearmint and green tea extracts promotes better quality sleep and improves next-day functioning in healthy adults who have occasional sleep complaints.
  • Neumentix – naturally sourced from a patented line of spearmint high in polyphenols, this ingredient redefines the approach to cognition through improvements in agility, memory, focus and attention.

“We will be displaying several prototype concepts we created, in partnership with key contract manufacturers, to help inspire customers in developing the next generation of health-promoting formulations,” said Filipa Quintela, Marketing Manager – EMEA, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. “One of these concepts includes our sleep quality ingredient, DailyZz, in an all-natural formula that gives consumers an extra edge for better next-day performance. Prototypes will be available in formats ranging from tablets and stick packs to syrups, sprays and drops.”

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health offers an extensive portfolio of functional ingredients that have been used in over 100 studies to ensure they provide relevant health benefits to consumers and help improve their quality of life. Kemin is focused on delivering ingredients that are naturally sourced, environmentally friendly and proven to comply with the most stringent global quality standards.

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