Indena releases sixth episode of Phytocast podcast


Indena has released the sixth Phytocast in it's journey through time: “International Vocation”

We are in the 1960s and everyone in Italy is experiencing the thrill of a nationwide economic boom. For the future Indena, this productive energy combines with the pioneering vision of a global business: thanks to Luigi Della Beffa’s decisive impulse, the company begins to build commercial relations with the whole world. Insight and expertise gleaned from visiting distant lands combine with due scientific rigor, and traditional knowledge is scrutinised with the latest technologies in Settala’s laboratories.

To celebrate this decade, we chose the Rauwolfia. At the origin of a very popular antiarrhythmic of that time, this plant grows in the African and Asian rainforests and symbolises Inverni Della Beffa’s strong international ambition.

Enjoy the podcast and please feel free to forward it to your contacts all over the world.

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