Improving sarcopenia-derived muscle loss

Published: 10-Oct-2018

Study finds seniors with sarcopenia-derived muscle loss improve with new proprietary natural astaxanthin formulation

The AstaReal Group, a pioneer and expert in the field of natural astaxanthin, has announced the results of a randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled study on the effectiveness of a new medical protocol to improve muscular function.1

Sarcopenia affects nearly a quarter of adults older than 60.2 The study investigated the restoration of muscle loss and improvement of functional decline in elderly people with sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass associated with ageing. It starts at about 40 and, for most people, progressively accelerates after the age of 65, affecting muscle size, strength and performance. It can diminish a person’s ability to do everyday activities such as lifting objects and climbing stairs.

The four month study investigated individuals aged 65–82 in two groups. The first group received AstaMed MYO, a formula that contains AstaReal natural astaxanthin and an interval exercise training protocol. The control group was prescribed the exercise training protocol only.

During a four month span, treatment recipients experienced a 40% increase in endurance, a 14% increase in muscle strength and an 8% increase in mobility. There was no muscle strength improvement in the group that undertook exercise alone.

“We saw improvements in strength, endurance and mobility among the study participants who took astaxanthin medicinal formula with a moderate exercise plan,” said Kevin Conley, PhD, the study’s lead investigator and a professor of radiology at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

In the study, Conley disclosed that he has received research funds from and is a scientific adviser to, Astavita Inc., which is a member of the AstaReal Group. “This gives clinicians an option for their patients who cannot make the substantial lifestyle changes required to halt the crippling impact of muscle loss,” Conley said.

Andie Long, Sales & Marketing Manager of AstaReal Sweden, said: “The AstaReal Group has emerged as an authority in astaxanthin human clinical research, which encompasses multiple health applications. We have long been dedicated to undertaking activities that underpin our strong belief that natural astaxanthin has unlimited potential to support human health and nutrition, most notably through our extensive clinical research. The results of this study are incredibly exciting as they show that AstaReal can play a vital role in supporting muscle endurance, strength and mobility, thus combatting the effects of debilitating conditions such as sarcopenia.”


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This study was supported by Astavita Inc., National Institutes of Health grants (T32AG000057, UL1TR000423, 1S10OD016201, K23DK099442), the Department of Radiology and Office of the Provost at the University of Washington, and the Prevention Center at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center.

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