IADSA opens new lines of communication for the dietary supplement sector

Published: 13-Jun-2019

Mind the Gap is a new information resource available online to facilitate effective communication about the benefits of dietary supplements

IADSA, the global alliance of the food supplement sector, has launched Mind the Gap, a new information resource that will facilitate more effective communication about the benefits of dietary supplements.

Available online —at iadsa.org/mind-the-gap— Mind the Gap evokes the difference between the number of nutrients needed to optimise our wellbeing and the quantity we actually consume.

The first two entries in the Mind the Gap series focus on the theme of vitamin D. They explain its benefits for improving bone density and provide an account of a successful fortification and supplementation initiative implemented in Finland.

More stories will be added to the series in the near future.

Cynthia Rousselot, Director of Technical and Regulatory Affairs at IADSA, said: “Mind the Gap delivers additional communications support to our members, helping them to explain the value of supplementation.”

She continued: “Mind the Gap resources will be available in a range of formats – digital and printed. All will deliver a compelling narrative that can be used in whole or in part as the basis for meaningful discussions about the role of supplements in promoting health and wellbeing.”

The name Mind the Gap is borrowed from the famous warnings posted at railway stations across the UK, which advise passengers to beware of the space between the train and the platform.

The initiative seeks to fill gaps in knowledge while showcasing the results of relevant research and real-life examples of successful national nutrition programmes.

Based in London, IADSA is the international association of the food supplement sector, with members from six continents.

IADSA is the global platform to guide the evolution of policy and regulation in the sector. Visit iadsa.org for more information.

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