Hydrosol introduces stabilising system for reduced sugar milk products

Published: 16-Feb-2021

These can be enriched with vitamins and minerals, or offered as high-protein drinks

Hydrosol has introduced the Stabiprime MFD range, a stabilising system designed to facilitate reduced-sugar milk beverages.

From a technological point of view, sugar and fat have many positive properties. Katharina Schäfer, Product Manager Hydrosol, said: “Sugar and fat give products flavour, body, texture and a pleasant mouth feel. Sugar also binds water and is readily soluble, while fat influences melting and is important for the body’s intake of fat-soluble vitamins.

“Replacing sugar with artificial or alternative sweeteners is generally not a viable option from a technical and flavour standpoint. The Stabiprime MFD product range can be used to make reduced-sugar milk mixed beverages for children, as well as many other attractive products. Trendy flavours like cappuccino, coconut and walnut that also appeal to adults supplement the classic cocoa beverages and milk drinks with vanilla, strawberry and banana flavour that kids like so much.”

Stabiprime MFD consists of hydrocolloids. The stabilising systems are soluble in water as well as in sweet whey. They are easy to use, Hydrosol says, and enable economical production of milk mixed beverages. In addition to its Stabiprime MFDC system with carrageenan, Hydrosol also offers a gellan version, Stabiprime MFDG, which enables milk beverage filling at temperatures up to 40°C. The main benefit of Stabiprime MFDC, the company says, is it enables manufacturers to make stable products without high-pressure homogenisation.

“We can produce our Stabiprime MFD products in Europe as well as the US, and have recently further improved the range. Our goal is to address further application areas and offer customers additional potential,” said Katharina Schäfer. Hydrosol claims the formulation of the stabilising system prevents sedimentation even in the most difficult cases, including with cocoa, where it keeps the particles in suspension. This makes it possible for manufacturers to make milk beverages for children and adults while meeting the requirements for modern sugar- and fat-reduced products. These can be enriched with vitamins and minerals, or offered as high-protein drinks.

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