How are our minds doing after 2020?

Published: 28-Mar-2022

Juggling the post-pandemic world and the complex historic moment we are living in Europe and worldwide has put human brain health in the spotlight where mental wellbeing clearly emerged as the number one health trend impacting the supplement and food industry

An increasing number of consumers (existing and brand-new ones) are affected by low mood, brain fog, anxiety, and depression, even among the youngest population. This has triggered the willingness among consumers to dedicate themselves to improving their wellbeing and overall, their longevity, with a specific focus on cognitive function.

Consumers are more eager to look for nutritional solutions for a brain boost as they move in the new normality post-COVID-19. Also, especially in western countries, where the concepts of mind and body have been historically relegated to different spheres, this notion is starting to be questioned and more and more interconnections are perceived by consumers. Taking care of our own mind may positively impact our body, and, overall, our wellbeing, shifting to a more holistic vision of life.

What is the most promising supplement market category?

According to Nutrition Business Journal Condition Specific Report 2021, the Mood & Cognitive macro category (including 3 sub-categories: Brain Health, Mood and Stress Health and Sleep Support) is leading the growth (expected +12,5% in 2021 vs 2020) of the whole supplement market in the US (expected +5,2% in 2021 vs 2020).

Moreover, when looking at future perspectives, those 3 categories are expected to grow at a quicker pace than the market, with an aggregated CAGR of +9,5% in 2025 vs +4,6% CAGR of the total supplement.

Are you curious to acknowledge which will be the leading submarket in next upcoming years ahead?

Mood&Stress Health is expected to perform an extraordinary +12,1% CAGR in 2025, followed by Brain Health (projected to register an 8,1% CAGR in 2024).

SAMe, a benchmark ingredient in mood health

When looking at the market for Mood & Brain Health ingredients… well, it’s an exceptionally crowded arena.

Spacing from the more established Vitamins&Minerals to the ubiquitous Omega-3, from the historical traditional herbals (where Nootropics and Adaptogens have surfed the wave of notoriety) to the new stream of probiotics targeting the gut-brain axis, the Natural Molecules category represents a safe harbour for consumers.

Among the safest and historically-mostly-used ingredients since the 1990s in the US, there is SAMe, short for S-Adenosyl-Methionine, aka SAMMY in some countries. It is a naturally occurring compound in every cell of the human body and it plays a central role in the methylation process, ensuring the maintenance of the normal cellular metabolism and functioning. Methylation plays a central role in epigenetics, the science that studies how human behaviours and the environment can cause changes that affect the way genes work, without any change in DNA sequence.

This important metabolite has shown during the last 30 years in many preclinical and clinical applications its primary role in supporting a healthy Mood and is now gaining more and more space in the Brain Health category.

Among the most recent trends going on in the US, the key market for SAMe, there’s what could be called the “SAMe 2.0 era”, where leading brands are exploring the association of SAMe with other cutting-edge ingredients to tackle Brain Health.

SAMe & chlorine is one of the newest combos on the market, paving the way for success

SAMe plays its role in supporting a healthy mood while choline, a nutrient found in many foods, supports brain cell structure. Brain and nervous system indeed need choline to regulate memory, mood, and muscle control. The formula is also enriched with 3 essential B vitamins to support a healthy brain and nervous system.

Indeed, choline is required for the synthesis of phospholipids such as phosphatidylcholine (PC) and sphingomyelin - all essential constituents of membranes that maintain their integrity, cell function, and signalling - and for acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine plays a major role in cognitive function.

SAMe and choline metabolism are intimately linked through methionine synthesis and methylation in the one-carbon metabolism. Choline and one-carbon metabolism pathways intersect at the formation of methionine from homocysteine. SAMe concentrations are decreased in animals ingesting diets deficient in choline, and it has been suggested that this occurs because the availability of methionine limits SAMe synthesis. Choline may also be produced from PC that in turn is derived from SAMe dependent methylation of phosphatidylethanolamine (PE).

How are our minds doing after 2020?

Moreover, SAMe is intimately linked with folate and vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) metabolism, and deficiencies of both these vitamins have been found to reduce SAMe concentrations in the central nervous system (CNS). SAMe has a variety of effects in the CNS, especially on monoamine neurotransmitter metabolism and receptor systems.

Adonat Premium SAMe and the exclusive opportunities to be in combos

Adonat Premium SAMe, the leading branded ingredient of Gnosis by Lesaffre, is part of the history of one of the most studied and proven effective nutritional compounds available. Since its discovery, its own intrinsic instability and the sensitivity to moisture have represented the main target of industrial development.

Adonat combines state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing, relentless innovation, and esteemed research.

Today, Gnosis by Lesaffre can boast leading expertise and know-how, resulting in more than 30 years of manufacturing, and more than 10 granted patents. The integration of R&D activity, fermentation process development and industrial manufacturing have led to an attractive product range of Adonat Premium SAMe: dosage forms, including bulk and stabilised powders and granules, suitable from capsules to tablets, and enteric-coated tablets to provide customers with a significant and comprehensive level of formulation capabilities and industrial feasibility.

The company is also very open to value co-creation with customers, promoting partnerships to develop tailor-made and turnkey innovation solutions.

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