Gelita to exhibit sports nutrition products at Vitafoods Europe

Published: 11-Aug-2021

The company will be showcasing its controlled release portfolio at the event

Gelita, a manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides, will be attending Vitafoods Europe in October. During the event, the company will present its Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) products and explain how they can be used in sports nutrition applications.

The company will be showcasing its controlled release portfolio at the event, which comprises specific gelatins to allow softgels to release their fill either immediately in the stomach or enteric in the intestine.

Collagen continues to be highly sought after for sports nutrition formulations, the company claims. Its BCP address condition-specific needs, including keeping ligaments and tendons healthy, supporting joint health and mobility and improving bone mass density, stability and flexibility.

Immupept is the recent addition to the company’s portfolio, and is designed to support athletes’ immune systems.

Softgels are a suitable delivery format for many nutrients and active ingredients, and Gelita’s controlled release portfolio is designed to meet current and future consumer needs as well as regulatory requirements.

The company also provides turnkey BCP products, available in application formats including powder, liquid, gummies or bars. Manufacturers can use their own brand or license one of Gelita’s international brands.

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