Gadot Biochemicals expands magnesium citrate capabilities

Published: 22-Jun-2020

Expansion will focus on magnesium citrate applications that offer a calming effect

Following Gadot Biochemicals' successful launch of Chewable Zinc Citrate (a convenient solution for consumers seeking immune support and reinforcement during high stress situations and for everyday maintenance), and Gado-Go (a ready-to-use magnesium direct stick powder for branded powder packs and highly desired by millions of sports nutrition consumers), the company has announced it is in the process of expanding its capacity line of magnesium citrate ingredient applications.

“We’re looking at expanding magnesium citrate applications with an emphasis on magnesium’s calming effect,“ said Ohad Cohen, Chief Executive Officer for Gadot Biochemicals.

Cohen noted that the unprecedented anxiety owing to a variety of global crises has also been a motivating factor, as magnesium is known as the calming mineral, which can be beneficial especially during times of stress.

Cohen says: “Many popular magnesium retail supplement products contain magnesium citrate because it offers calming properties and it is also known to promote mental and muscle relaxation. This is an attractive benefit for stressed individuals who feel tense during the night as magnesium citrate has been proven to reduce nighttime muscle cramping.”

According to Michael A. Smith, MD, Director of Education for Fort Lauderdale-based Life Extension, a few published studies concluded that magnesium, modulating the neurotransmitter GABA, may help people relax and also get a restful night sleep (magnesium is needed for the synthesis of melatonin).

However, Dr Smith says: “Anecdotally thousands of people swear by it.”

Magnesium citrate also offers valuable attributes compared with other forms. Its absorption is independent of gastric acid secretion, so it does not cause stomach upset and can easily be taken on an empty stomach,” says Cohen.

“Furthermore, when compared with magnesium lactate, magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide, the citrate form provides a neutral taste making it more palatable and easier to work with in a variety of formulations,” adds Cohen.

“High and sufficient absorption of any nutrient, but specifically a mineral, is absolutely critical and magnesium citrate has excellent absorbability and uptake. If magnesium is not absorbed, it is not utilized and its benefit is not realised,” says Cohen.

“Additionally, and this is very key when it comes to formulating with any mineral, magnesium citrate has no metal taste – it is virtually indistinguishable in the palate.”

Overall, the scientific literature has shown that magnesium affects energy, movement, and mobility, as well as brain function and mood. As it plays a role in so many bodily processes, a magnesium deficiency can be detrimental. Owing to increased consumption of processed foods and the depletion of nutrients in topsoil, especially in North America, it is easy to become magnesium deficient.

With broad experience in developing innovative products tailored to the unique applications of each customer, Gadot Biochemical Industries offers a range of citrate-based minerals for various applications such as dietary supplements, dairy products, sports drinks and beverages.

Gadot Biochemical Industries has earned a worldwide reputation for producing high quality bioavailable products. To many of its customers, Gadot has become a strategic supplier and partner. More than 95% of Gadot’s production is exported worldwide to leading companies in the food, beverage and nutraceutical industries.

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