Fytexia launches antioxidant

Published: 29-Apr-2019

Oxxynea O is a new ingredient formulated with bioactive polyphenols from organic sources of rosemary, olive, grape and artichoke

In an exclusive event at Vitafoods Europe 2019, Fytexia is launching Oxxynea O, a new ingredient formulated with bioactive polyphenols from organic sources of rosemary, olive, grape and artichoke.

With the strength of 15 years of experience in the polyphenol field at its back, Fytexia has placed nutritional content at the centre of the Oxxynea product range.

Natural antioxidants people consume during the day come mainly from fruit and vegetables and particularly from polyphenols. However, actual consumption of fruit and vegetables is globally lower than recommendations of the World Health Organization and the 5 servings of 80g daily fail to be reached.

While consumers are looking for solutions to maintain their health capita, different factors such as bad eating habits, as well as other daily factors (pollution, tobacco, UV exposure, lack of physical activity etc.) may impair the antiradical defence potential, leading to higher free radical occurrence in the body. Supplementing the diet with antioxidants is a strategy to help the body fight these unbalanced transitory states and complete the nutritional intake.

With food sources of Mediterranean inspiration, Oxxynea O has been developed from organic plant extracts to provide antioxidants as 1 serving of fruit & vegetables in 450 mg. This nutritional load is a friendly concept for consumers to complete their daily intake.

Oxxynea O with organic ingredients will be displayed at Vitafoods Europe 2019 (Booth 173) together with the new Oxxynea 5-a-day, supplying clinically proven bioavailability and demonstrated efficacy in countering oxidative stress in vivo.

Through the Oxxynea product range, Fytexia also offers opportunities to create customised formulations through the “custom pathway program” – selecting polyphenol sources and combining them to build tailor-made recipes answering the specifications of formulators in search of natural sources of antioxidants to reinforce their products with polyphenols.

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