From quinoa seeds a compelling alternative to rice syrup


Get more natural sweetness in your diet!

From quinoa seeds a compelling alternative to rice syrup

Recently launched on the market by the Italian company Naturis, quinoa syrup is a great alternative to rice syrup, obtained from the hydrolysis of quinoa flour and the use of natural enzymes only.

Quinoa syrup is 100% natural and ideal for balanced vegan diets.

  • naturally low in fructose
  • with lysine and methionine, to help with body function
  • rich in magnesium, iron, vitamin C and E
  • high in protein, fibre and Omega 3
  • great energy source
  • gluten-free

Thanks to its intense aroma and a delicate bitter aftertaste, the quinoa syrup is great as a sweetener in baked goods, breakfast cereals, snacks, bars, granola, ice creams (as a controller of the degree of sweetness and to lower the freezing point and increase the creaminess and softness) and sugar-free drinks.

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Made in Italy and distributed in the USA by Faravelli Inc. a North American food ingredients distributor.

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