From Italian grapes, a sweetener that is delicious, natural and reliable


Naturalia Ingredients is the first and only company in the world producing crystalline sugars from fruit through a completely new internationally patented production process, involving the extraction of sugars directly from grape

Made from 100% Italian grapes

Made from 100% Italian grapes

These unique crystalline grape sugars enhance natural flavours and aromas of the products in which they are used, particularly fruit-based products, amplifying the taste and scent of food and drinks.

Naturalia sugars can be used as a strategic ingredient in a range of products.

From a nutraceutical perspective crystalline grape sugars

  • Help provide energy in dietary and sports supplements
  • Are ideal for diet products, due to the low glycaemic index of fructose
  • Can also help modulate flavour when used in powder, or in compact or liquid recipes.

Crystalline grape sugars by Naturalia Ingredients are 100% made in Italy.

They are distributed in the US by Faravelli Inc, a Faravelli Group Company.

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