Epax launches marine lipid innovator


It will be showcased in the New Products Zone at SupplySide West 2022 at Booth #3831

Epax launches marine lipid innovator

Epax has launched a new product that derives its benefits from cetoleic acid – an ingredient outside the traditional Omega-3 category.

The marine lipid innovator specialises in high-purity, condition-specific EPA and DHA products for nutraceuticals. However, its new Epax NovusLipid portfolio features less familiar ingredients.

The first product from the range is EPAX Cetoleic 10, which contains cetoleic acid – an Omega-11 marine lipid – and gondoic acid (Omega-9). Rich in long-chain monounsaturated fatty acids (LC-MUFAs), new Epax research indicates that it may have particular benefits for skin health.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised pilot trial, skin redness was significantly reduced in subjects taking EPAX Cetoleic 10. And although it contains less EPA and DHA than typical Omega-3 products, another study has found that it can boost the Omega-3 index.

Previous studies on animals have also indicated that fish oils rich in cetoleic acid can reduce inflammation and atherosclerosis, and help prevent the development of metabolic syndrome.

The Epax NovusLipid range is the result of a concerted effort by Epax to research the potential of marine fatty acids beyond the Omega-3 category. Further studies will explore the benefits of cetoleic-rich fish oil for people with eczema, and its mechanisms of action in metabolic syndrome, insulin sensitivity and fatty liver.

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Bjørn Refsum, CEO of Epax, said: “Epax is a leader in super-pure, high-quality EPA and DHA but we’re also committed to exploring new ingredients. Our recent research has focused on marine lipids outside the Omega-3 category, and one of the most exciting is cetoleic acid. EPAX Cetoleic 10 is a great addition to the fish oil family, and the initial trial results on its benefits – particularly for skin health – are very promising.” 

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