Aymes ActaSolve smoothie wins at CN Annual Awards

Published: 7-Oct-2020

The ActaSolve Smoothie is a plant based oral nutritional supplement providing a choice for vegans in the battle against malnutrition

Aymes International has been awarded New Product of the Year 2020 for its ActaSolve Smoothie in the CN Annual Awards.

Malnutrition costs the NHS around £23.5bn per year. Aymes’ goal is to provide healthcare professionals with the highest quality, innovative medical nutrition cost-effectively, allowing them to support patients whilst reducing cost to the NHS. To date, Aymes says it has helped the NHS save approximately £100 million by doing so.

"Developing a plant-based supplement posed a number of challenges since certain ingredients prove problematic for vegans. Historically the majority of oral nutritional supplements (ONS) for the management of disease related malnutrition have been based on milk or milk proteins and typically the vitamin D source is of animal origin.

“Therefore, being able to produce a suitable, palatable plant-based alternative which also provides equivalent nutritional benefits has been a great achievement and a huge step forward for vulnerable vegan patients", said Claire James, Head of Nutrition & Regulatory at Aymes.

ActaSolve Smoothie is the only nutritionally balanced ACBS approved Oral Nutritional Supplement registered with The Vegan Society. Providing up to 298kcal and 10.7g protein per serving when mixed with 150ml water, the smoothie is a plant based alternative to milk-based ONS and comes in four flavours.

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