Alland & Robert exhibits at FiE 2017

Published: 6-Nov-2017

At Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) in Frankfurt, Alland & Robert a family company based in Normandy will introduce its latest innovative range of blends of natural and vegetal hydrocolloids

Alland & Robert, created in 1884, is a specialist in natural plant exudates with a strong focus on acacia gum, a completely natural additive or ingredient used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

During FIE 2017, Alland & Robert will introduce Syndeo, an innovative range of blends of natural and vegetal hydrocolloids.

Syndeo can be used as a functional additive in drinks, particularly in vegetal milks or beverages that require texture improvement and stability.

The Syndeo range is 100% natural and coming from vegetal tree exudations. It is GMO-free, allergen-free and pesticide-free, in line with consumers expectations.

Furthermore, the hydrocolloids blended in Syndeo are fibers, adding a possibility of nutritional allegations to the final product (depending on local legislation).

The Syndeo range combines stabilising, texturing and emulsifying properties for a multifunctional additive, efficient at low dosage.

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