A flavour boost for animal-based and seafood dishes

Published: 30-Nov-2023

ProBase solutions are the perfect building blocks to help you achieve an authentic flavour profile in your soups, sauces or bouillons

ProBase™ stocks are authentic kitchen ingredients that are derived by cooking down bones and trimmings until they release their rich taste and texture. In combination with ProBase™ specialty fats, they add a satisfying mouthfeel and umami to a wide range of savoury products.

Natural stocks supplied as powders or liquid pastes
Aromatic fats adding to the richness of savoury dishes

ProBase™ range consists of authentic stocks and fats derived from a broad range of animal and seafood raw materials. All bones, trimmings, and fats used for our natural ingredients are sourced from EU slaughterhouses, and all fish and seafood raw materials are from wild catch.

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