A breakthrough ingredient for an active lifestyle

Published: 14-Jul-2022

Dynagenix is a breakthrough new, water-soluble, neutral tasting Boswellia-based ingredient that will change the landscape of the active/sports nutrition market

Dynagenix offers a comprehensive solution to post-exercise recovery, while promoting the ability to perform at a higher level, sooner. Results point to a nearly 50% reduction in muscle soreness versus placebo with dramatic improvements in joint soreness and ease of exercising.

The combination of clinically-demonstrated muscle and joint benefits is unique in the active/sports nutrition market. Dynagenix can be formulated into a remarkably broad range of consumer products for active/sports nutrition consumers.

Clinical data supports its use as both a post-workout/recovery and a daily use product – for people who are engaged in regular exercise. Dynagenix can be used in liquid and solid taste-sensitive formulations like powders, chews, gummies, stick-packs, shots, shakes and more.

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