AYMES International shakes up ready-to-drink market

Published: 31-Jan-2018

In a powerful statement of intent, powder ONS market leader AYMES launches a 2.0 kcal, RTD oral nutritional supplement that will be 13% cheaper per serving than its nearest competitor

Available at £1.82, each serving contains 400 calories, 28 vitamins and minerals and 16 g of protein.

Natural flavours and a smooth formulation deliver 91% patient compliance.

In 4 years AYMES has grown from a zero base to become the market leader in the provision of ONS powder shake products to the NHS.

Since its launch, AYMES has secured more than £35.5 million in total savings for the NHS. The equivalent of 88,750 days of additional hospital beds.

These savings have been made because of the combination of direct savings from prescribing AYMES products compared with competitor products and competitors dropping their prices in response.

AYMES estimates that a further £1,808,536 potential savings can be made by the NHS by switching from current 2.0 kcal providers to AYMES.

Samples can be ordered by Healthcare Professionals at aymes.com, a direct-to-patient service is also offered.

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