New research reveals that the sports nutrition benefits of L-carnitine resonate with active millennials

Published: 16-May-2016

L-carnitine is a nutrient required by the body to metabolise fat

Increasing the awareness of L-carnitine’s benefits among sporty millennials represents a significant untapped business opportunity for dietary supplement manufacturers.

That’s the key take-away from an exclusive online survey commissioned by Switzerland-based company Lonza, which produces and markets the premium Carnipure L-carnitine ingredient.

Independent researchers questioned 202 consumers in the United Kingdom, aged between 18 and 35, who exercise at least three times a week. They were questioned about their attitudes and behaviours in terms of dietary supplement usage and, in particular, L-carnitine.

Researchers found that 39% of the consumers surveyed were current users of supplements containing L-carnitine, and that these respondents consumed L-carnitine predominantly for sports nutrition-related benefits such as exercise recovery, weight management, increased energy, muscle building and improved endurance.

Meanwhile, 52% of respondents stated they never used L-carnitine with 81% of this group saying they had never heard of it. However, once the benefits of L-carnitine were explained to them, 76% of non-users said they were now more likely to introduce it to their dietary supplement regime.

More details and analyses of the survey findings are contained in a new report published today by Lonza titled Carnipure L-Carnitine: Sports Nutrition for the Millennial Generation.

Jeff Della Valle, Marketing Manager Nutrition and a co-author of the report, said: 'Our market research highlights a unique new business opportunity among non-users of L-carnitine. After some aided awareness of the supplement’s benefits, these consumers were asked if they would be more likely to use it in future and, encouragingly, more than three quarters of them said they would. This finding means dietary supplement companies have an opportunity to tap into this goodwill towards L-carnitine with high-quality products backed by the trusted Carnipure brand.'

Ilya Zhivkovich, Global Head of Marketing, Lonza Nutrition, added: 'We view millennials as a high priority target for sports nutrition supplements. These consumers are committed to optimising their wellness through regular exercise and healthy eating. They value dietary supplements for the benefits they offer and tend to be discerning shoppers who seek out products that offer them the assurance of quality and efficacy.'

He continued: 'In this context, L-carnitine has a great story to tell. It is effective, safe and — as demonstrated by the results of our consumer survey — offers valuable benefits that resonate with today’s millennial consumers. Dietary supplement manufacturers and marketers can leverage the strong positive feelings millennials have about L-carnitine and the benefits it provides.'

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