Natural vitamins and minerals by Vidya Europe

Published: 15-Oct-2020

Vidya Europe’ premium herbal extracts range is now enriched with a specific clean label essential trace element offer. Extracted from plants using a gentle water-based process, these ingredients are suitable for food supplements and food enrichment.

Due to their rich iron content, Curry leaves demonstrated their anti-anaemic activity. Vidya Europe developped an extract standardized at 3 %, ensuring the intake of 100% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) with less 500 mg. Because vitamin C increases iron absorption, Vidya Europe also provides an extract of amla (Emblica officinalis) standardized at 15 % vitamin C.

Known as the miracle tree, Moringa oleifera is known for Its high nutritional density. Moringa leaves have been submitted by Vidya Europe to a gentle water-based extraction process to obtain an ingredient with not less than 0.1 % of chromium, providing 100 % of the RDI in 40 mg.

Selenium is another very popular essential mineral playing a key role throughout the body. Indian mustard can accumulate Se providing to this plant varieties of ecological benefits. By a selection of soil cultivation and appropriate gentle technologies, Vidya Europe obtains a 0.5 % selenium extract which ensures 100% RDI in less than 20 mg.

Bamboo Tabasheer is reputed ayurvedic siliceous secretions from specifics bamboos very rich in SiO2. Soft water extraction of bamboos is processed to give a 75 % silica extract.

Sesame is one of the oldest oil seed crops and its seeds are rich in minerals. Nutrisesa™ is a sesame husk water extract developed by Vidya Europe at 13 % of calcium. With less than 7 g of Nutrisesa™ one can reach the Ca RDI.

Vitamins B6 is officially recognised for a good immune system, and Vidya Europe developed an extract from guava, lemon and holly basil providing the B6 RDI in 200 to 1000 mg of this extract with the other B vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B7 and B9.

All this natural, vegan compatible vitamin and minerals, are alternative solutions in accordance with health objectives and environmental concerns.

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