Natural Remedies Turmacin is BSCG & Clean Label Project certified

Published: 6-Jul-2021

These two new certifications, plus Turmacin GRAS status, position it as a premier natural, effective sports ingredient supplement

Turmacin, the novel aqueous based turmeric extract standardised to Turmerosaccharides, has just received two new certifications: it is now Clean Label Project certified and BSCG drug-free certified, according to Anurag Agarwal, CEO of Natural Remedies.

These two new certifications plus Turmacin’s GRAS status position it as a premier natural, effective sports ingredient supplement.

Turmacin was tested by Ellipse Analytics, an ISO-accredited analytical chemistry partner laboratory, and having been determined to be in compliance received the Clean Label Project Certification (# ING0002-2021F-17O on June 17, 2021.

“More consumers are demanding that their supplements and foods be ‘clean,’ meaning safe and unadulterated by any substance,” Agarwal stated. “Clean Label Project certification synergises with organic certification.”

Earlier, on May 21, 2021, Turmacin was granted BSCG Certified Drug Free status (#FTR2102009). This is a programme provides assurance that the ingredient is free of banned substances (e.g., those on the WADA Prohibited List) and other drug contaminants that can lead to health concerns and/or positive drug tests.

Turmacin is supported by five clinical studies that make it relevant for supporting joint cartilage structure and function and inflammation management in the athletics/sports product marketplace.

Turmacin is patented and standardised to water-soluble Turmerosaccharides and has several favourable characteristics for its use in exercise-enhancement formulations. It is backed by five clinical studies, including an exclusive safety study. It is non-GMO certified and available in EU and USDA organic grades. Working with Turmacin is attractive to formulators as it doesn’t stain the equipment like other turmeric extracts. It is water-soluble, light in colour and neutral in taste, allowing for versatility in product development.

“Turmacin’s research is compelling for its use in products for athletes and sports enthusiasts who are concerned about preserving major joint structure and function,” commented Dr Deepak Mundkinajeddu, PhD, Head of R &D, Natural Remedies.

“Our studies show that supplementation with 0.5 and 1 g, - Turmacin reduced exercise-induced discomfort and improved joint range of motion. Benefits in reduction of discomfort were significantly higher in both Turmacin groups compared to placebo, while improvements in range of motion steadily climbed from day 5 through day 84 in both Turmacin groups, compared to a plateau in the placebo group,” he explained.

Turmacin being GRAS can be formulated in different formulation types including gummies, beverages, shots etc.

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