Lubrizol to showcase microencapsulation technology and EU food-grade approved polymers at Vitafoods

Published: 4-Mar-2024

To learn more about these innovative solutions that will advance the nutraceutical industry, visit Lubrizol on Stand A122 at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva

At Vitafoods 2024, Lubrizol will unveil LIPOFER microcapsules, showcasing multiple technologies to deliver iron with optimum performance.

These combined technologies overcome issues such as iron's off-taste, reactivity, interaction with other ingredients and colour change.

They also enhance iron absorption with low gastric irritation while providing a pleasant taste that encourages consumers to stick to recommended daily intakes.

LIPOFER caters to increasing consumer demand for science-based products that meet their sensory needs.

Lubrizol will also present Carbopol Polymers for nutraceuticals. The new EU food-grade approval enables nutraceutical manufacturers the ability to differentiate their portfolio and  make  distinct new product claims.

The multifunctional benefits of Carbopol Polymers provide consumer-centric solutions by creating a convenient way to make tablets smaller and easier to digest.

The unique properties of the polymers can provide stable, controlled- release or suspension of active ingredients, ensuring consistent delivery of nutraceutical benefits.

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