Life Extension launches nootropic formula

Published: 11-Aug-2020

Life Extension's Quick Brain Nootropic formula combines three clinically-studied ingredients shown to encourage faster processing, memory and concentration

Millions of Americans are looking for a way to stay alert, remain focused and think faster to navigate the world around them. Life Extension has introduced Quick Brain, a new nootropic formula.

"Enhanced brain performance-for everyone! That's Quick Brain," said Dr Michael Smith, Life Extension's Director of Education. "We're excited about this supplement because it brings us into the field of nootropics, where the focus is on faster and more effective information processing for supporting brain function."

Nootropics, or "brain boosters," are compounds that can enhance cognitive performance by increasing the speed of pathways in the brain involved in retention, recall and processing. It is these pathways that are responsible for how effective and accurate the brain is at receiving, processing and recalling new information.

Studies with both young and older adults have shown positive cognitive results, suggesting that nootropic supplementation benefits occur regardless of age.

Life Extension's Quick Brain Nootropic formula combines three clinically-studied ingredients shown to encourage faster processing, memory and concentration: BaCognize bacopa extract, standardised gotu kola extract and carotenoid-rich marigold extract.

Bacopa extract is used as a popular study aid. Bacopa helps increase connections between hippocampal neurons, the area of the brain involved in formation of long-term memories, as well as spatial memory. Multiple studies show bacopa supplementation supports enhanced retention, processing and recall.

Gotu kola extract has been shown to help promote both alertness and mood health. But traditional gotu kola extracts aren't standardised-the one used in Quick Brain Nootropic is-and that makes a big difference: a two-month study using a standardised gotu kola extract indicated significant improvements in working and spatial memory, word recognition and alertness.

FloraGLO marigold extract contains the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, compounds found in the macula of the eye as well as the brain. In fact, measuring carotenoid levels in the eye is a great and non-invasive indicator of how much of these essential nutrients are circulating in the brain.

Why is this important? Because nine clinical studies indicate lutein and zeaxanthin can encourage quicker thinking, improve spatial memory, reasoning skills and complex attention scores, support multitasking and even help maintain healthy levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor-a neurotransmitter modulating compound essential to healthy learning and memory formation.

There's strong data behind these three nootropic nutrients. Life Extension's new formula combines all three in a convenient, once-daily, gluten free, non-GMO, vegetarian capsule.

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