Kensing will showcase natural and upcycled phytosterols, vitamin E, and tocopherols

Published: 29-Apr-2024

Located at stand K34, Kensing will present its product range of natural antioxidants and plant sterols

Kensing has an industry-leading plant-based portfolio of vitamin E, tocopherols, and phytosterols developed from upcycling side-streams from the edible oil industry. These products have high purity and exceptional performance.

Kensing has expanded its global presence to five plants across three continents in the last three years. Four acquisitions brought the raw materials and end consumers closer, reducing the environmental footprint and dependence on global logistics.

With the recent acquisitions of Advanced Organic Materials (AOM) and Vitae Naturals, Kensing has become the global leader in plant-based vitamin E and phytosterols derived from multiple non GMO, deforestation-free sources, such as sunflower, rapeseed, and sustainable soy.

To learn more about plant sterols, Dr. Susan J. Hewlings, Co-founder of Substantiation Sciences, will present a session on May 14th at 13:40 Plant Sterols in the Conference Theater.

Heart health and beyond: Relaunching the conversation around phytosterols.

In this session, Dr. Hewlings will delve into the well-established benefits of heart health; emerging research suggests that phytosterols may offer health advantages, including antioxidant properties and mood-enhancing effects.

Beyond health benefits, phytosterols align with a growing consumer preference for plant-based, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ingredients. Kensing will be showcasing its renowned brands, Vitasterol and Avdaterol.

Kensing will present Covi-ox, Vitapherol, and Advantiox among its wide range of natural antioxidants. Additionally, the company constantly innovates, seeking new sources such as sunflower and rapeseed, presenting Sun E and Nutripherol brands.

Meet the Kensing Team at booth K34, and take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a meeting with Dr. Susan J. Hewlings in the Kensing's booth on May 14th only. To schedule an appointment send an e-mail to


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