Karallief heart formula significantly reduces total cholesterol

Published: 17-Mar-2022

The study was published in the International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology

Ingredient developer Karallief has announced the release of KaraHeart, a multi-herbal extract formula designed to improve cardiovascular health. The formula was studied in a double-blind, parallel, placebo-controlled, randomised human clinical trial.  A total of 100 otherwise healthy patients with mild to moderately high cholesterol levels were divided equally into two groups. One group was given KaraHeart and the other group was given a placebo.


The supplementation group saw a 22-point reduction in total cholesterol compared to an 11-point reduction in the placebo group, and a 13-point reduction in low-density lipoprotein compared to a 3-point increase in the placebo, among other benefits.


The study was published in the International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology and concluded supplementation with KaraHeart was associated with significantly reduced levels of LDL, VLDL, TGL, TC/HDL ratios and TC, as well as increased levels of HDL in the blood. 


“We’re very excited about these clinical study findings, since a healthy heart is important for overall wellness and management of healthy cholesterol levels is very critical,” said Krishna Rajendran, CEO of Karallief. “By showing how KaraHeart can have a measurable impact in managing healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, we are providing yet another clinically tested herbal supplement to help foster healthy lives for individuals. This joins our latest products – Easy Climb for joint health and KaraLiv for liver health – and is another crucial part of Karallief’s overall focus on holistic wellness.” 


The company says its clinical studies are aimed to help formulators to back up claims with rigorous science when marketing to consumers. 


KaraHeart is a proprietary blend of herbal extracts available in powdered form for potency and long-term shelf life. It’s suitable for formulation with supplements, foods and beverages. The vegan formula is made with a 1,000 mg per day blend of standardised herbal ingredients to support heart health.


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