JRS launches VIVACOAT ocean pure coating

Published: 18-Dec-2020

The company has applied for ‘Organic’ certification for the product

JRS has introduced VIVACOAT ocean pure, a film coating for clean label products.

VIVACOAT ocean pure uses chemically unmodified components allowing a label-friendly and natural coating.

VIVACOAT ocean pure is designed for use with clean label products. It offers the benefits of a clear, non-functional film coating without using common and synthetic polymers for film formation.

VIVACOAT ocean pure requires only 1-2% weight gain for a clear coating. Manufacturers can achieve a natural look for a product while the tablet core inside is still visible.

Additionally, the smooth texture is designed to improve swallowability for better patient compliance.

VIVACOAT ocean pure uses VIVAPHARM Alginates to build the film. VIVAPHARM Alginates are, according to JRS, one of the most versatile hydrocolloids with viscosity gelling and film-forming properties with high flexibility for a variety of different processing conditions.

The manufacturing process of the whole VIVAPHARM Alginates portfolio takes place in the JRS manufacturing plant in Landerneau, France. The main raw materials, brown algae, are harvested in the northwest of France. Restricted areas and long-term contracts with local fishermen secure the sustainable harvest. This allows JRS to verify the complete process from the raw algae in the sea to the finished product VIVAPHARM Alginates.

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