Jennewein and Yili team up in China

Published: 6-Feb-2019

The two companies will work together to develop innovative infant formula and dairy products in an expanding market

Jennewein Biotechnologie and Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on infant microbiome and human milk oligosaccharides research. The partnership will aim to develop an innovative infant formula and dairy products specifically tailored to the Chinese market.

There has been a relaxing of the one-child policy in China between 2013-2016, with all parents now allowed to have two children. Following this has been an increase in the birth rate and a subsequent increase in demand for baby formula.

Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) constitute the third largest component of breast milk and are prebiotics that will help the development of a healthy microbiome that is recognised as key for overall development of an infant. However, most infant formulas do not contain HMOs as of today.

Jennewein is a German biotech company that manufactures complex human oligosaccharides. It will use this expertise alongside Yili’s dairy knowledge and prominent presence in the Chinese market, to capitalise on the market trend and introduce distinctive products.

Commenting on the alliance, Dr. Stefan Jennewein, CEO and Co-Founder of Jennewein Biotechnologie said: “With 50% of the total global market volume, China is presently the largest market for baby food. We are committed to bringing the benefits of human milk oligosaccharides for the development of a healthy infant microbiome to Chinese parents and their children.”

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