Is Vitamin K2 deficiency the key for today's global health issues?

Published: 19-Aug-2020

To age in a healthy way means consuming foundational nutrients that allows body’s systems to optimally develop and operate. Vitamin K2 is one of these nutrients that is, sadly, missing from most of diets. For this reason, NattoPharma is proudly sponsoring the Healthy Ageing Micro-community during the Vitafoods Virtual Expo.

Put simply, Vitamin K2 simultaneously supports bone and cardiovascular health. By activating K-dependent proteins already present in the body, K2

  • Directs calcium to the bones where it is needed
  • Keeps calcium from depositing in arteries and soft tissues where it can do harm

The body of evidence confirming this activity is undeniable. From observational studies showing that Vitamin K2 consumption results in stronger bones and more flexible arteries; to published human studies showing that Vitamin K2 supplementation delivers positive health outcomes; to the most current research being driven by the medical community exploring Vitamin K2 as a potential therapy for patients who bone and heart health concerns, a vitamin can indeed significantly impact some of the greatest health issues facing the global population today.

Yet waiting until our senior years to obtain adequate Vitamin K2 to deal with compromised bone and cardiovascular health is not a viable strategy. Vitamin K2 is essential for securing a healthy foundation, so products geared to children, adolescents, and those in early adulthood are imperative.

And even more exciting is the potential of Vitamin K2: New research is coming to light showing that, based on its very mechanism of activating specific K-dependent proteins, Vitamin K2 can provide benefits beyond bone and heart health that include brain, vision, and kidney health, among others.

NattoPharma has driven the research establishing Vitamin K2 as a safe and efficacious bone- and heart-support nutrient, offering its brand, MenaQ7® Vitamin K2 as MK-7, as the source material showing that a vitamin can indeed change health outcomes. And these studies were done in healthy and patient populations, adults as well as children.

As a sponsor for the Healthy Ageing Micro-community at the Vitafoods Virtual Expo, NattoPharma will offer a cannot-miss webinar providing new insights on the substantial and growing body of Vitamin K2 evidence, as well as highlighting the opportunities for making this essential nutrient available to the widest population possible.

Registering for the event is free and the webinar will be available 7 September, 2020. Click here to ensure you do not miss this important opportunity.

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